Saturday, November 3, 2007

Let's wage War against the Evil Power Master!

Let's Play War With The Evil Power Master!

...dude, this is not an NES game. This isn't even a videogame. What the hell is this?
It's a Choose Your Own Adventure book. At certain pages, you make a decision and that changes the next page you go to. This allows you to direct the story as you want, to one of thirty endings.

Did you say 30 endings?
Yes. 30 endings. All of varying type and quality. You'll see.

Are you going to LP the whole book?
Perhaps. It depends on if people get bored with it. I'll probably get around to most of it, and try to keep it enjoyable enough that we do the whole thing.

Why LP this particular Choose Your Own Adventure book? Why not another? How did it come to this pass?
When I learned about the existence of this book, I had to read it. I didn't get past page 3 before cracking up in laughter. This book defies reason and sanity. The illustrations are god awful. Nothing can possibly prepare you for how utterly screwed up this book is.

Who is the Evil Power Master?
The Evil Power Master is the leader of the forces of evil, scourge of the Lacoon galaxy. It is your job to stop him, because you failed to do it previously. You have the assistance of Flppto, the 6 eye'd martian, a variety of useless associates, and a decent amount of military grade hardware to stop him. Also, a decent amount of political sway.

How will this LP work?
This is a Screenshot (of a book) LP. No video involved... yet. There might be. Each update (I might do two a day, depending, or perhaps more), I will present our current situation as chosen by the last branch, point out where the next branch is, and then in the next update we'll take one of the paths of the next branch. Sometimes our path will lead us to an ending, rather than a branch. In the event we stumble on one of the 30 endings, we will simply explore that ending, categorize it (there are many, many, screwed up endings), and then I will return us to the next unchosen branch (all branches are binary), and we'll explore the road traveled if we chose that. So we might see up to three endings in a single update, depending on where you guys choose to go. We'll never backtrack in a fashion that seals off a part of the story... lucky (?) for you.

How will you decide which branch to take?
Good question. I'll probably flip a coin.

DC, how can you hope to keep our enthusiasm and momentum going over a BOOK?
You've clearly never read War With The Evil Power Master before.

What music did you listen to when you wrote this post?
Empire - The Final Assault. Duh.

I'm scared... I don't know what to expect... but...
-But it's time to begin. Yes... Let's Play... War With the Evil Power Master! The War Begins!



Mxyzptlk said...

Go alone! The way the intro showed you, you are more than capable!

Come on, you know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Little Awkward DC but I'm up for new things. Give it a shot

bluecrowst said...

Hey Dcrab! I'm excited. Lets battle that power master

MrAllex said...

I am excited.

KingInYellowTatters said...

I did a little checking and it seems that EPM and the gang showed up first in Choose Your Own Adventure 10: Prisoner of the Ant People. You and Flppto were just researchers in "Zondo quest group 2" and EPM was still only threatening planets instead of outright destroying them. You should check it out.

jcya said...

Im all up for new things DC . GL .

Doppleganger4827 said...

I keep thinking that the EPM actually IS a giant floating head in space, eating planet like they were Resess pieces candies; or a more human pac-man. Planets aren't power pellets, dude, leave them be!

Doppleganger4827 said...

I just noticed that the Beware & Warning picture is made to look like the Star Wars intro text. Not surprised, but still kinda funny to see.