Sunday, November 18, 2007

Branch E: Follop

Well, we're surrounded by spaceships. I now know what I must do.

Well. It looks like because we milled around for three hours, we gave the Evil Power Master ample time to escape and mobilize a fleet of starships to murder us with. Oh sure, we're prepping weapons and everything, but naturally we stop to listen to Rendoxoll, who has Failed. Nothing defeats Magic. This means we become space vapor. Maybe Rendoxoll escaped? Who cares... we died!

Ending AH:
Type: Failure/Death

Well that wasn't so good. Let's not arm weapons. Surely we won't die right away.

I was right, we won't die right away. First we will starve to death. It's the Evil Power Master's trophy collection. We're his latest prize. Also, Rendoxoll is dead and the Evil Power Master can turn into acrid green smoke. Note that, because it might be important? No. No it is not.

Ending AI:
Type: Failure/Death

You know what? This sector bites. Clearly investigating here is a death sentence, even though we succeeded a couple times. Let's go investigate Follop instead, the last quarter of the book.

Follop is their excuse to turn this book into dangerous space adventure journey. We will be accosted by monsters, space rocks, and dangerous martians. The Commander's cousin Colin is here somewhere, and he's just as dumb as the Commander, so let's not find him. We must make careful decisions!

Like this SOS for example: Do we (T) Attempt to Aid the Sender of the SOS, or (U) Leave them to their Grizzly Demise and investigate the light beam instead? Remember, there are no wrong answers, only answers that result in incredible wrongness that makes you rue the day. And in this last quarter of the book, things get very, very wrong.

Ending Catalogue:
Total Endings: 23
Non-Endings: AV BB BE BF BG
Victory Endings: Z AC AG AR AT AW
Failure Endings: P Q AA AB AH AI AN AP AS BA BC BD BF BG
Death Endings: Q AA AB AH AI AP AS BA BC BD

What-The-Hell Endings: P AA AG AN BA BE BG AV


Anonymous said...

Grizzly? I don't wanna fight no bears! Let's land on Follop. It has a funny name, so it can't be all that bad, right?

...It's going to be terrible, isn't it?

Bastard said...

I'd suggest we do not follow the SOS since as the page says, that area is dangerous and I think it leads to certain death.

But in another thought... If we wont answer the SOS call I might only guess that one of the Evil Power Master's battle cruisers comes and blows you to atoms.

Naah! Let them die there! Full speed ahead captain Spok!

SirGameandWatch said...

Screw them, shiny light.

Anonymous said...

Go answer the SOS, because
1. If I was sending that SOS I would probably need help, and would die without it being answered, therefore it is the wrong thing to ignore.

2. Our experience with beams of light have been very bad. Old Beam or Time-Stop/ Heart-Stop/ Brain-Stop tractor beam anyone?

NotPigeonV2 said...

I say we attempt to save the sender of the SOS. If we're lucky, it'll take up too much time and the EPM will kill the universe, taking Flippto with it.
On a side note, I remember my 6th grade teacher having a bunch of these in the back of the class. I went through most of them and got to the end in like a day each.

Jigglysaint said...

Pikachu! I choose (branch)U!

Sorry, that was very lame, but not as lame as the dog poop church joke.

Anonymous said...

I say, death is always good. Ignore, Ignore!

Anonymous said...

The SOS is clearly a trap. Blast it!