Saturday, November 17, 2007

Branch AF: Good Riddance to Hard Man

When we last left off, we were about to fly into a bright white light. Suddenly, we are struck with our usual amount of cowardice, and attempt to run for it.

Oh boy. We got hit with a Slow Ray/Tractor Beam/Wilford Brimley. Just what we needed. We're not getting enough Oxygen to begin with, making us stupid, and now they're going to lower that, making us even dumber than before.
Meet Rendoxoll, another companion from the Purple Days War. Rendoxoll is a highly intelligent AI in this story. As such, he will be dumb as toast, because he is in this book. He fires slow rays at people and giggles to himself for fun.

Unfortunately, he's still way more competent than we are. He caught the Evil Power Master, and stole his Evil Power Hat. Now he just looks silly. Rendoxoll makes us look like an idiot, but hey, if the shoe fits.

Ending AG:
Type: Victory/What-The-Hell

Well, if we run like cowards, we get a good ending (there's only one left in the book now). But maybe if we press bravely forward, we will find other rewards!

I wonder what system he's talking about, the fate of which is in our hands; I would guess the Dewey Decimal System.
Meanwhile, Hard Man goes maverick and dashes away from the capsule as if he knows exactly what's going on. Stupid robot. There's no accounting for his incredibly stupid behavior over the course of the book and frankly I'm glad we're rid of him.

The mystery continues! We're going outside to investigate, With Weapons (AV) or Without (AW)!

Ending Catalogue:
Total Endings: 19
Non-Endings: BB BE BF BG
Victory Endings: Z AC AG AR AT
Failure Endings: P Q AA AB AN AP AS BA BC BD BF BG
Death Endings: Q AA AB AP AS BA BC BD

What-The-Hell Endings: P AA AG AN BA BE BG

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Anonymous said...

Waiiiit wait wait...some random robot beat us to the punch? I don't buy it. This was either a ploy by the Evil Power Master, a hologram, like a hundred thousand years in the future so it doesn't matter anymore, or the worst ending in this entire book. That's what we get for being a coward.

But apparantly NOT being a coward puts us aboard another ship for some reason...I say we arm ourselves, even if Flppto DID suggest it...