Saturday, November 17, 2007

Branch R: White Landing

Sure, let's land on an unknown Death Star looking thing. Why not.

Let's land in a potentially dangerous spaceship... oh no! There's white light in there! I'm scared of the white light! Weep weep cry cry!

I hate Flppto so much. And the Commander. Well, here's yet another choice. Do we (AF) Land in a white lighted hangar, perhaps lit with florescent lights, or do we (AG) run away because we are scared? At least Hard Man isn't crying like an idiot.


Anonymous said...

White Light? Well the worst that could happen is that it is another old beam...but I doubt they'd pull that on us twice in the same book, so sure, White Light Ahoy!

JacobX891 said...

Yeah, let's... Um... Go in because we are not scared losers like Flppto and the commander? Yeah, let's do that.