Monday, November 12, 2007

Branch AZ: Unbridled Glee

Well, clearly we should wait and see what happens here. No sense in shooting, we might not hit Flppto.

Surprising no one, if we wait and see what causes the noise, it turns out to be nothing. This book is dynamic in a fashion guaranteed to punch you in the face no matter what happens. Speaking of being punched in the face, here are some inexplicable mutant horrors, because that's what Marine Biology is all about.

Oh boy. It's Flppto. Come to join us just in time to die. Good. And then suddenly, all this plot that was built up means nothing and another planet dies. We die, possibly. They don't die, probably. And none of this makes any damned sense at all.

Ending AZ:
Type: Failure/Death/What-The-Hell

Well. That was dumb. Why did they even bother with the mutant horrors. How did we even die? Whatever. Let's shoot and hope we hit Flppto this time.
Christmas has come early. We have waited for this moment all LP. We finally shot Flppto. This is amazing. Words cannot express how happy this makes me. Please draw your best "Commander Shooting Flppto" picture you can. I realize we haven't run across a good picture of Flppto yet (they're all in the other half of the book) but do it anyway.
We just shot Flppto. Hell yes. We have a couple options here. We could (BF) get Flppto a medical Evac, which is stupid, and I will hate you if you pick this, or (BG) apply a tourniquet to his neck and move onward, hoping our shoddy first aid gets him killed.

Ending Catalogue:
Total Endings: 14
Non-Endings: BB BE
Victory Endings: Z AC AR AT
Failure Endings: AA AB AN AP AS BA BC BD
Death Endings: AA AB AP AS BA BC BD

What-The-Hell Endings: AA AN BA BE


NotPigeonV2 said...

Dammit. There's no option to finish him off.
Oh well. Let's hastily apply a tourniquet and hope he catches tuberculosis.
On the other hand, a medical evac will probably mean he won't be around for the rest of the book...
Nah. He'll probably live, and that's even worse.

Matthew said...

seeing how actions in this book seem to have no relation to success, EG, finding the badguy = dieing in some vague and random way I figure we should try to get him help... I don't want to help him but in this book getting help will probably kill him :)

Anonymous said...

I say Branch BG

Anonymous said...

We finally shot him! Finally! I say BG, cannot disappoint the Power-Crab

JacobX891 said...

YAY, we get the option of killing flipto or wtf his name is spelled, oh joy! Do that!

Valter said...

Let's get him a medical...aid. First aid. right.

Leylite said...

Let's go with branch BF (getting Flppto the medical evac)

Hopefully the evac will crash and explode in a giant fireball, killing everyone.

Jigglysaint said...

Flipto needs to be shot at with glowing crotch lasers.

Anonymous said...

Well dang...maybe shooting Flppto was a good idea after all...

Anyway, let's try a turnakit...quit? Kquit? o.o Let's tie his wound up with some old rags and hope it stops his profuse bleeding.

Hehehe...the word verification thingy says "bwaka" to me...that's the best thing ever...that or I'm tired. o.o;

LaZodiac said...

Lets give Flppto first aid. Calling for help would be counter productive to killing him.