Thursday, November 15, 2007

Branch H: A Dire Choice

This is it folks, the long awaited pictures of Flppto. There he is, the guy in the upper left. What a loser. He wields the power of Gangly. And his amazing plan is to have us fly through space, in a cold vacuum, following Hard Man. Worse, we're actually going to go through with this plan?
We are going to Die.

Yeah. I called that one. Follow this stupid plan, get attacked by Light. A beam of Light. Photon Cannon or some jazz like that. The good news is that Hard Man and Flppto are going to die. The bad news is that we might, too.

A dire choice is proposed! Do we (Branch P) concede defeat and join the Evil Power Master as a lackey, or (Branch Q) refuse his offer, and surely die?


Rinvak said...

I vote, join him, then the commander may be able to be kill off some more annoying characters in order to prove his loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Join as his lackey! We can eat poison his food later :3

Anonymous said...

There is only one Evil Power Master, and he does not share power. Or evil. Maybe he shares cookies? Mmmm, cookies. Join him!

SirGameandWatch said...

Join him, you can kill all the idiots in the Lacoonian System.

Anonymous said...

I say refuse because the person who accepts joining the enemy is an ass.

Anonymous said...

I personally wonder if Flppto got the same choice, or if the Evil Power Master took one look at Flppto and said "Eww! No, even I have some standards..."

Seriously, for being a supposed genius, Flppto sucks.