Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Branch AU: Towards the Void

Let's talk to Congress. Surely they will know what to do. They won't fail us so spectacularly anymore... right?Well, that's some great bureaucracy right there: it takes the congress hours to come up with the plan that we picked up on in three seconds. It does, however, have it's upsides: if we send more ships to attack, the idea that we personally will get killed is relatively low. Sure, planets will die, but they had it coming. I'm looking at you, Glenburnia VI!

It's very hard to simulate an epic space battle in a book. No wait, it isn't, R.A. Montgomery just isn't a very good writer. I'd like to see Orson Scott Card write one of these. Your head gets beaten in with a lead pipe in half the endings, I'd bet. Species exterminated in the other.

Ending AT:
Type: Victory

Well that's funny. We're only a quarter through the book, and we've already covered half the victory endings. I've got a bad feeling about this... a feeling that only soaring towards a void will cure! Let's not talk to congress, and deal with this ourselves.

That doesn't look like a planet and beam of light at all. It looks like abstract art, and I should know, I've seen some lately. What the heck is that thing really supposed to be?

Also, do we (Branch BD) get distracted by pretty lights or (Branch BE) ignore the lights and press onward to our dooms?

Ending Catalogue:
Total Endings: 5
Victory Endings: AC AR AT
Failure Endings: AB AS
Death Endings: AB AS


Matthew said...

I think we should avoid the obvious trap and go our own way... stupid lights...

Anonymous said...

Pretty lights! Pretty lights!
It's obviously a trap, and I want another ending.
It's one closer to running out of endings.

Jigglysaint said...

Rats, my plan to get us all killed was foiled again. Oh well, I say we go after the shiny thing. Mr Thou like Shiny Thing!

Wayne said...

Yay for shiny objects!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeahh...Moths get destracted by pretty lights, and look what happens to them.

No pretty light for us, thank you very much. Onward to victory!

SirGameandWatch said...

Let's ignore pretty lights.

SirGameandWatch said...

Let's ignore the lights and press onward toward our doom.