Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Branch F: Fish Research Institute

I... can't actually explain what just happened here. We just got mind controlled or some crap, and the book sort of cut off before ending. Maybe he isn't evil. Maybe we can't know. Maybe this ending is stupid. Profoundly stupid. Or is it? Yes. It is.

Ending BE:
Type: Non-Ending/What-The-Hell

Well, we've seen what awaits us at Follop. Let's see if the beam of light is any better.
Haha, no. It is an Old Beam. We lose. It could have been so many other, better beams, though. Think of better beams.

Ending BD:
Type: Failure/Death

You know what? This all went so horribly downhill ever since we agreed to go with Tara. Remember this page?
Well, clearly we screwed up. We're gonna rewind and tell Tara to Piss Off.

Oh thank goodness. We left behind everyone, Flppto included. We are spared the horrible fates that await us. Instead, we're going to an Aquatic Experimentation Facility to listen for fish and look for the Evil Power Master. Evil Fish?

Let us think of a convincing lie to tell these fish people. After all, this quarter of the book has somehow wound up with us at a fish research institute. Fish Research Institute. Ahhhhh dangit.

Do we (Branch L) lie to the fish researchers or (Branch M) hide in a cardboard box, because this may be a sneaking mission, and the use of stealth will be required? I'm actually starting to miss having to deal with Flppto and Tara already.

Ending Catalogue:
Total Endings: 7
Non-Endings: BE
Victory Endings: AC AR AT
Failure Endings: AB AS BD
Death Endings: AB AS BD

What-The-Hell Endings: BE


Anonymous said... Power Master removed us from our bodies, and turned us old?

I say a beam that brings people back from the dead is a better kind of beam...oh wait...that's a misuse of the Moon Crystal.

Anyway, no lies are needed. We should go in there Cardboard Box Style. We don't even have labcoats, how can we pretend to be Marine Biologists? Hell, I'm not even that interested in these stupid fish!

Jigglysaint said...

Totally go Metal Gear on the Fish Institute. Just don't forget to play the music while you do so.

SirGameandWatch said...

Told you to leave weird meditating women alone. Let's grab a cardboard box and be stealthy.

NotPidgeonV2 said...

I've noticed that all of the failure endings so far have lead to death.
Also, I say go the Solid Snake way. Cardboard boxes FTW!