Sunday, November 4, 2007

Branch O: Don't Just Stand There, Shoot Something!

Looks like not surrendering is on the plate. But it might not make a difference... or will it?

If only we'd used the Kung-Fu moves earlier in this book, we wouldn't be here, fighting Lizardmen in the capital, and looking like jerks. In a desperation tactic, we send a huge fleet to grind up the enemy, and get half our guys killed. Wow, you've done it: You've made certain you're going to get fired as leader of the Rapid Force.

Ending AC
Type: Victory

Well, that was a good call I suppose, but we can probably do better. Let's go surrender like saps.

Well, that's certainly encouraging. Not only do we get another Evil Power Master head for surrendering like cretins, we get rescued by Flppto (utterly useless) and arbitrarily killed seconds later. Rocks fall, everyone dies. Also, that's the most Pac-Man looking EPM I've ever seen.

Ending AB
Type: Failure/Death

Okay. Let's pretend we didn't stick around like saps and wait for demise or slaughter. Let's go back a decision and hunt down the Evil Power Master's base and weaponry instead.

Rapid Force, you suck. You let one get away. But more importantly, what the hell is "Freecg zircjysmyocardinium!", anyway! What could it possibly mean? Why would they say it to us? Tell me the answer!

Well, here's a stupid idea: Stare at the Apple IIe we found earlier, or talk to congress. Both of these ideas have something in common: They are stupid.

The choice is yours! Do we (AD) Talk to Congress... AGAIN? Or do we (AE) stare at a computer screen, wishing for it to update?

Ending Catalogue:
Total Endings: 2
Victory Endings: AC
Failure Endings: AB
Death Endings: AB


Matthew said...

lets stare at the IIe, at least we can play like 7th guest or something while we wait

Valter said...

I'm thinking talk to congress. Clearly our problems can be solved with more bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

Ehh...check the computer. Congress seems like a bunch of blowhards anyway.

SirGameandWatch said...

I don't like Apple. Let's go to Congress.

SirGameandWatch said...

I don't like Apple. Let's go to Congress. Or we could just burn the book.

Zetanor said...

Nothing's more interesting than staring at text. AE.

Jonathan said...

stare at a computer screen because i think we ALL can understand that.

Anonymous said...

Can I sit here and wait for the blog to update?

also, "rimco" is a nice captcha

Anonymous said...

Freecg zircjysmyocardinium probably means something like,"We come in peace!", or,"Save us from the evil power master!"

Anonymous said...

Uh... well, myocardinium might be like myocardium which is a part of the heart. Perhaps Trauma Center is TOO educational...